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Staff of Lloyd Animal Medical Center

Lloyd Animal Medical Center Staff

Kim, Manager & Veterinary Technician

Kim joined the Lloyd Animal Medical Center team in 1999. As our manager and veterinary technician, her responsibilities include overseeing the technicians and technician assistants, training, assisting doctors during exams and surgery and client education. Compassionate and detailed oriented, Kim loves caring for our patients and talking with their owners. She graduated from Stonehill College with a bachelor's degree in biology.

"I enjoy working at Lloyd Animal Medical Center because all the doctors and staff always have the animals' best interests at heart," she says. "Everyone here is caring and compassionate with both the animals and the clients."

In her free time Kim enjoys walking her pit bull mix Madden, baking and spending time with family and friends.

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Tara, Certified Veterinary Technician

Certified Veterinary Technician Tara has a bachelor's degree in Animal Science and more than 12 years of animal care experience. She joined Lloyd Animal Medical Center in June 2015 and most enjoys providing client education and learning new, low-stress patient handling techniques.

"I enjoy learning about Animotion and exotic pets," she says.

Tara considers herself "a bit of a Sci-Fi movie geek" and enjoys reading and karaoke. She has a dog named Biscuit and a guinea pig named Thomas.

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Lloyd Animal Medical Center Staff

Kimberlee, Certified Veterinary Technician

Kimberlee joined Lloyd Animal Medical Center in February 2014, bringing over 20 years of experience in animal care. As a veterinary technician Kimberlee cares for our hospitalized patients, administers treatments and medication, assists doctors during exams and draws samples for diagnostic testing. She is pursuing her associate"s degree in veterinary technology from Penn Foster.

"Everyone here is so friendly and compassionate," she says. "The doctors are appreciative of the entire staff and everyone works together as a team to provide the best possible care for our patients."

Outside work Kimberlee's hobbies include gardening, hiking, swimming and bird watching. She has five pets: Stella, a Pomeranian mix; Jasper, a Boxer; Ellen, a Dutch rabbit; Pete, a domestic shorthair; and an orphaned kitten.

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Christina, Certified Veterinary Technician & Rehabilitation Assistant

Christina joined Lloyd Animal Medical Center in October 2014, bringing 15 years of experience in animal care. Her responsibilities include assisting our veterinarians during examinations and surgeries, with therapy in our Animotion Animal Rehabilitation Center, and with client education.

"It's really nice to enjoy what you do and the people you do it with every day," she says. "The staff and doctors are very welcoming, there is a family vibe here which is great."

With her level head and eagerness to learn new things, Christina enjoys all aspects of her job. "Being there for a pet and their owner when they need it most," however, tops the list. She is inspired by physical therapy for pets and hopes to continue her education in the field.

Christina has two dogs, Pepa and Chloe, and two tabby cats, Weedge and Theo. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors, canoeing, camping, biking, and going on long walks with her dogs.

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Melissa, Certified Veterinary Technician

Certified Veterinary Technician Melissa has been with Lloyd Animal Medical Center since 1998 and boasts more than 30 years of animal care experience. Sharing her love of Pugs and pet dental cleanings with our employees and patients, Melissa is responsible for assisting in surgeries, placing IV catheters, drawing blood samples, and maintaining hospital inventory.

At home, Melissa has a variety of pets, including a corn snake named Patriot and a scarlet McCaw named Prince. She also has a black Lab, Jessie, and a cat, Pretty Kitty. She enjoys bird-watching, spending time on her boat and with her two children, Bengi and Shawn.

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Sam R, Veterinary Technician

Sam joined the Lloyd Animal Medical Center team in June 2014, bringing more than eight years of experience in animal care. Her responsibilities include assisting our veterinarians during examinations and surgeries and performing lab tasks such as blood work, blood draws, and urine samples. She most enjoys treating ill pets and seeing their health improve.

"I love that this hospital will always take a client in, won't decline seeing a pet," she says.

In her spare time, Sam enjoys motorcycle rides with her husband, going to the movies, and rooting for the Boston Bruins and New England Patriots. The couple has two cats, Andy and Mac.

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Lloyd Animal Medical Center Staff

Jennifer, Veterinary Technician

As a veterinary technician with Lloyd Animal Medical Center Jennifer assists our doctors, administers medication, draws blood, places IV catheters, performs dentals, takes radiographs and monitors our patients. She has been making friends at our practice since May 2003.

"Lloyd Animal Medical Center was my very first job," she says. "I volunteered here at a young age and was hired at age 16. I began as a kennel attendant and worked my way up to a veterinary technician. I have always enjoys working here and in a way it feels like a second home."

Jennifer has two dogs: a boxer named Denali and a boxer named Bruin. In her free time she enjoys kayaking, camping, fishing and hiking.

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Nancy, Veterinary Technician & Rehabilitation Assistant

Nancy joined the Lloyd Animal Medical Center team with 14 years of experience as a veterinary technician. Because of her experience at both an emergency hospital and a general practice, Nancy is able to "share veterinary knowledge from all different aspects of care." She most enjoys greeting our clients and their pets.

A volunteer and member of Wolf Hollow, a wolf sanctuary in Ipswich, Nancy's own dogs are much less intimidating. She is the proud pet parent of a Chi-Poo named Digit, a Lhasa Apso-Border terrier mix named Chopper, three cats, and an iguana. She spends her free time hiking, biking, and doing yard work at home.

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Emily, Veterinary Technician

Emily is our full-time veterinary technician and has been with us since July 2010. She performs initial evaluations on patients, provides vaccines and sedation for patients, monitors patients under anesthesia, performs radiographs, and further assists our veterinarians. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Veterinary Technology and is a member of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA).

One of her favorite parts of her job is performing laboratory testing. "I enjoy collecting, processing, and analyzing diagnostics. Putting laboratory findings together to come up with a diagnosis is something I really appreciate."

"I enjoy working at this clinic because I had started here at the kennel and worked my way up to veterinary technician," Emily shares. "I also enjoy my coworkers because we're one big family who helps one another."

At home, Emily has a two-year-old dog mix named Cricket, two domestic shorthaired cats named Handsome and Tiffany, and a six-year-old parrot named Maya.

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Erin, Veterinary Technician

Erin is a part time Veterinary Technician at Lloyd Animal Medical Center. She earned her Veterinary Assistant Certificate from Massasoit Community College and joined the hospital in April of 2016. Some of Erin’s daily responsibilities include caring for the animals, drawing blood, filling medications, assisting the veterinarians, and managing the social media pages. Her experience and knowledge of computers has been very beneficial to the hospital.

Erin describes Lloyd Animal Medical Center as a welcoming place to work. She loves that clients and pets are always treated with the utmost compassion and care. Outside of work, Erin cares for two dogs of her own. Daisy is a seven-year-old Brittany Spaniel, and Ollie is a ten-year-old Setter Mix.

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Barry, Veterinary Technician

Barry has been our full-time veterinary technician for over ten years, assisting in surgical monitoring, dental x-rays and cleanings, clinical patient care and client education.

"I enjoy working here because I can fulfill my passion of taking care of animals while having fun and working with a great team of coworkers," Barry says.

At home, Barry has four cats - Ariel, Farah, Kiera, and Rynn. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family.

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Heather, Veterinary Technician

Heather joined our team in September of 2017. As a veterinary technician, some of her responsibilities include obtaining patient history and samples, assisting during exams, and preparing and performing diagnostics. Heather has 13 years of experience in the animal care field, working previously as a kennel attendant.

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Lauren, Veterinary Technician

Lauren Shelley is our Veterinary Technician at Lloyd Animal Medical Center and joined our team in May 2018. She assists our veterinarians with patient appointments like check-ups, drawing blood, and other related visit needs for your furry family members. Lauren has pet and service dog training for PTSD, diabetic alert and mobility, the history of a breeder, and other dog-related therapy methods, and has been continuing her training and education in this field since 2007.

"This clinic is like a large family," Lauren says. "everyone is compassionate and cares about each and every client/patient, as well as each other."

At home, Lauren has eight pets! She has three English Mastiffs (Tempest, Bvca, and Akorn), a Belgian Malinois named Maya, and four cats (Krystal, Wally, Scooby, and Pebbles). In her free time, she trains dogs/cats, completes breeding, participates in dog shows, litters for other breeders, learns more about holistic treatments and using essential oils, creates diamond painting kits, and takes loving care of her vegetable garden. And, of course, taking care of all her FUR-mily!

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April, Veterinary Technician & Rehabilitation Assistant

April has been part of the Lloyd Animal Medical Center team for about eight years. She wears many hats, with responsibilities ranging from phlebotomy and triage, to assisting our veterinarians and aiding our canine patients during rehabilitation.

"I love being able to help the animals," she says.

A lover of travel and shopping, April shares her home with two feline friends - Ping and Oliver.

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Rebecca, Rehabilitation & Technician Assistant

Rebecca is our rehabilitation and technician assistant, working closely with our certified canine rehabilitation practitioners and veterinarians for our patients. She's been with our team since September 2017 and has worked in the animal-related field for over five years. One of her favorite parts is to see our patients improve thanks to our efforts in rehabilitation.

Rebecca has her Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology from Mount Ida College and will be working on her veterinary technician certification in the Summer.

At home, Rebecca has three pets - a one-year-old Golden Retriever named Denali and two Labs, Jet (seven-years-old) and Missy (five-years-old). She enjoys teaching Denali new tricks and, in her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

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Elisha, Technician Assistant

Elisha has over 20 years of experience in the animal care field. She is responsible for assisting our veterinary technicians and veterinarians, as well as cleaning the examination rooms. Her favorite part of the job is learning about animal care and spending time with our patients.

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Lloyd Animal Medical Center Staff

Amanda, Technician Assistant

As a technician assistant at Lloyd Animal Medical Center, Amanda loves caring for our pet patients. To accomplish that goal, she provides assistance to our doctors and technicians as needed and maintains a safe and clean environment for both our patients and our staff. Amanda joined our pet care team in April 2014.

"I like that Lloyd Animal Medical Center is a small hospital with up-to-date and comprehensive equipment," she says.

When not at work Amanda enjoys hiking, fishing and cooking. She has a German Shorthaired Pointer named Zydie and two cats named Stewie and Tony.

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Kerrin, Technician Assistant

Kerrin helps the techs and doctors during appointments and surgery. She also assists in keeping the hospital clean and stocked, as well as feeding and walking the animals. Kerrin joined the team in October of 2017 and always comes into the office with a positive attitude. At home, she has two cats and a terrier/bulldog mix. She enjoys learning something new every work day! In her spare time, Kerrin enjoys crochet, cross-stitch and spending time with her husband and three kids.

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Kelly, Animal Care & Technician Assistant

Kelly is our full-time animal care and technician assistant and has been with our team since May 2018. She cares for our boarding animals, assists our technicians with patients, performs x-rays, and preps animals for surgery.

"I work with a great team, everyone is so nice and helpful," Kelly says. "We have a lot of wonderful clients and pets. The atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly."

Kelly has one dog at home, her four-year-old Golden Retriever named Gadget. In her free time, she enjoys training with Gadget and spending time with her friends.

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Lloyd Animal Medical Center Staff

Christopher, Animal Care Attendant

As our animal care technician, Christopher is responsible for caring for our patients boarding and medical needs and helping to keep the hospital clean. When he isn't spending time making sure pets are comfortable and relaxed, he is focused on being a team player, multi-tasking and cracking knee-slapping jokes. Christopher attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he studied pre-veterinary medicine.

Christopher shares his home with three dachshunds, Fred, Frankie and Shiloh; a cat named Smiggs; and cichlids and parrot fish. He enjoys fishing, gardening and "MacGyver tasking."

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Mark, Animal Care Attendant

For animal care attendant Mark it's all about playing with the pets in our care and making sure all their needs are met. Being a part of the Lloyd Animal Medical Center Team is a natural fit for Mark, who has been bringing his own pets to our hospital since he was a little boy.

At home, he cares for his deaf pit bull mix Miss Tea McCloud, who knows about 30 hand signs, and his cat Mokiki. In his free time Mark enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding and fishing and is learning to ride the unicycle.

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Rebecca P., Animal Care Attendant

Rebecca helps take care of the boarding animals and keeps the hospital clean. She enjoys taking care of the animals and making sure they are comfortable and happy during their stay. She loves the friendly atmosphere of the hospital. She has over twenty years’ experience of pet bathing and kennel maintenance! At home, she has six dogs and one cat. In her spare time, she is takes care of her family and animals!

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Lloyd Animal Medical Center Staff

Courtney, Client Service Representative Supervisor

Courtney worked in animal welfare for 11 years before joining the Lloyd Animal Medical Center team in October 2013. As our Client Service Representative Supervisor, her responsibilities include greeting clients and patients and answering the phone. She particularly enjoys being able to provide a warm, happy welcome to everyone who comes to the hospital.

When not at work Courtney enjoys spending time reading. She has two cats: Eames and Diva.

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Judy, Client Service Representative

Judy re-joined the Lloyd Animal Medical Center team as a receptionist in May 2015. She previously served as a kennel attendant, technician, and receptionist from 1986 to 1994.

"I have come back to work, after a 20-year absence to raise my children, and it is very nice to be back working with Dr. Mallock and Dr. Buffman again," she says.

Judy is a talented pianist, teaching lessons out of her own studio two days each week and playing for the Immanuel Baptist Church and others who hire her. She enjoys cooking, baking, and spending time with her family. Judy has three cats, Desmond, Edison, and Twirl.

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Lloyd Animal Medical Center Staff

Michelle, Client Service Representative

Michelle has been part of the Lloyd Animal Medical Center team since 1999. As one of our client service representatives her responsibilities include scheduling appointments, customer service, invoices and billing and answering phones. She has an Associate's degree in Behavioral Science.

"I like working here due to the great camaraderie of my fellow employees, good benefits and the location," she says. "And the doctors are pretty cool, too!"

A film buff, Michelle also enjoys spending her free time reading, baking, traveling and collecting art.

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Stephanie M, Client Service Representative

Client service representative Stephanie is responsible for greeting clients, keeping the lobby clean, checking in pets for appointments, and making all pets feel welcome. Stephanie says that her empathy toward animals is one of the best attributes she brings to her position. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from Bridgewater State College.

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Caitlin, Client Service Representative

Caitlin joined our team here at Lloyd Animal Medical Center in November of 2016, working as one of our Client Service Representatives. Caitlin is one of the bright and cheery faces that helps greet all our clients and their pets, schedule appointments and surgeries, answers the phones, and much more. She enjoys greeting all our clients and learning the most she can about the owners and their pets. Caitlin brings a personality to our animal hospital that allows clients and their pets to build a relationship with our staff.

"I love working at Lloyd Animal Medical Center because they are a family oriented establishment. The owners and pets come first." Caitlin says.

Prior to her employment at Lloyd Animal Medical Center, Caitlin attended Anna Maria College of Paxton, MA, attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science. After college, Caitlin went on to work for Banfield Pet Hospital as a Client Service Coordinator between August 2015 and November 2016.

At home, Caitlin likes spending time with her pets, a 2-year-old Toy Fox Terrier, a 12-year-old Dilote Torti named Pumpkin, and a 10-year-old Tiger Cat named Baby. Caitlin enjoys watching football on Sundays, going for hikes out in the wilderness, and geocaching.

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Taylor, Client Service Representative

Meet Client Service Representative Taylor Donovan, a member of Lloyd Animal Medical Center since December 2016. Taylor helps assist our doctors and staff by checking patients in and out of our office, refilling medications, getting food for clients, and partnering with the doctors to provide whatever help they need. Taylor enjoys getting to know the clients that come in to our facility, and doing her best to ensure that their experience is a wonderful one.

"I like working at Lloyd Animal Medical Center because we work as a great team!" she says.

Prior to her involvement here at Lloyd Animal Medical Center, Taylor worked as a Groomer between 2010 and 2015, and then moved into client services. Taylor is Reily 1 Certified, Polarity certified, and is certified as a Massage Therapist. Taylor enjoys spending her time away from the office with her friends and family, including a nice and relaxing visit to the beach.

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Shannon, Client Service Representative

Shannon works part-time as a receptionist at our hospital. Her positive and upbeat personality loves interactive with our clients and their pets. Some of her responsibilities include answering phones, scheduling appointments, following up with missed appointments, and communicating with our doctors. Shannon is currently enrolled at Bridgewater State working towards her master’s degree.

When she isn’t working, Shannon enjoys hiking with her dogs, Duke and Marley. She can often be found at the stables with her horse Duke and likes to go fishing and camping.

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Andrea, Client Service Representative

Andrea works full-time as a Client Service Representative. She joined our team in September of 2018, with 15 years of animal care experience. Some of her responsibilities include assisting during appointments, answering phones, and coordinating between clients and our doctors. Andrea loves the small family feel of our hospital and being on a first name basis with so many of our long-term clients.

When she isn’t working, Andrea enjoys spending time with her daughter, listening to music, taking road trips, and catching up on some sleep! She has two cats of her own, Dum Dum Dugan and Yoshi.

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Ashley, Client Service Representative

Ashley helps clients schedule appointments, checking clients in and out, handling medical records and keeping the lobby organized. She loves greeting and interacting with clients and patients. She is incredibly organized and always has an upbeat personality!

At home, she has a rabbit, two cats and a Siberian Husky! She loves how close the staff is at the hospital and enjoys learning something new every day. When not in the office Ashley can be found writing, reading, growing succulents/cacti, hiking watching Netflix and spending time with her child.

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Tanya, Client Service Representative

Tanya is our full-time Client Service Representative who's been with our team since August 2017. She's been working in the animal related field for over 13 years, having been a veterinary technician, assistant, and performed secretarial aspects during this time. She assists our clients by answering phones, scheduling appointments for patients, and other helpful organizational skills that keep our hospital in order.

"Lloyd Animal Medical Center is a very clean, client-friendly atmosphere," Tanya shares.

At home, Tanya has two pets - a Labrador Retriever named Brock and a domestic shorthair cat named Pebbles. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, crocheting, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

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Allison, Client Service Representative

Allison is our full-time Client Service Representative who joined Lloyd Animal Medical Center in May 2017. She has over 10 years of experience in the animal related field, having previously been a veterinary technician and receptionist at a previous hospital. She's a certified Veterinary Assistant and has an Associate's Degree in General Studies.

She has an American Staffordshire mix named Bronn. Allison enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her family.

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Sam M, Operations Manager

Samantha began working for Lloyd Animal Medical Center in 2006, and since then she has become the Operations Manager as of 2015. With a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management from Bridgewater State College, she is responsible for scheduling, handling accounts receivable, troubleshooting, and managing the day-to-day flow of the hospital.

"I love to see all the familiar clients and animals," she says. "Everyone is like a big family here."

In her spare time, Samantha enjoys quality time spent with family and friends. She has two ten-year-old dogs, a Chihuahua named Chex and a terrier mix named Oreo. She also has three cats, Auggie, Grant, and Smoochie.

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